How Professional is your Design?

The basic principle of any great design is the ability of the human eyes to recognize the concept with less stress. This means that the more the design is closer in resemblance to nature, the quicker it is taken as professional design. There are lots of empty white spaces in nature, and same goes with great designs.

‘Simple is smart’, is the philosophy of professional design. The design should speak the intended message clearly. The common elements considered in any great design are: color, line, texture, direction, typography, shape, balance and hierarchy. These design elements must be combined to create awesome design.

In creating any design, your target audience should be considered first. This is very important because it is these people who will appreciate your work as good or terrible. Your ability to key into what you know and have seen before, will place you way ahead of others.

To become a professional designer won’t come by just reading piles of books. Practice! Practice!! More practice!!! The more you create designs, the better you become with time. With more work, your eyes will begin to adapt to what great and professional designs look like.

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