Clients love ease of Payment

Checkout page is very essential, and serves as the final stop for people shopping on your website. You will increase conversions and sales when you make this payment point as easy as possible.

Customers will expect to see a display of all the available payment options. It is necessary to observe your target audience to see which payment methods the use. A good combination would be to include direct bank transfers and payments from all major credit cards.

Avoid the major conversion killer, which is: signing up for an account just to buy a product. Majority of the people will be impatient to do that. You may follow Apple’s lead and let them check out as a guest. Also, people are skeptical about handing in their data, and submitting their emails for fear of being flooded with promotional emails. In as much as possible, do not redirect people to another website to pay.

Provide reassurances on security and privacy whenever personal information is involved. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a mandatory requirement for your website. SSL will provide the needed protection layer for connecting to your website, and the encryption of credit card information. SSL will increase the trust your customers have in making payments on your website.

The aim of setting your payment channel is to make it as fast as possible, probably the fastest payment system in the world.

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