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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


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Our story

The Beginning

Like every other human on earth, we came into existence by birth. The ‘we’ used in this piece represents the Members that make up Emexrevolarter brand. So, read on. There is something more than just survival. That something drove us throughout the years of  being apart from each other, in our own separate worlds; till we somehow found each other. This something is passion for creation.
Somewhere in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, it all began with a boy in his humble home. His name is Emeka Ndefo. There was this great desire to hit an invention that will change humanity for good. As innocent as he was, he embarked on this noble journey of finding that one thing so Big that will make history. This journey was rather an ignorant one, for life is a process; and not an explosion. Many challenges obstructed the road to relevance, and nearly drowned him. This same passion kept his dream alive. After handling few little projects for some people, and undergoing some personal trainings in software development, he decided to come up with a befitting representation of what his dream has been – a brand name. This brand name is now known as Emexrevolarter.

Our Brand Analysis

Emexrevolarter is a brand name that was formed from the basics of human blood circulatory system. The blood is considered the most sacred to human existence, and so he held his dream for humanity. On his notebook, he wrote these words: “artery” “revolution”. For a while, he kept looking at these two words; pondering over what brand name could be formed from their combination. Aha! “emekaarteryrevolution”, he thought to himself. That was so ridiculous! With few more combination attempts, our brand name: “Emexrevolarter” was birthed. We are simply “Revolutionary Artery”. In the year 2010, Emeka registered the business name with CAC in Ibadan, Nigeria.

What’s Next?

A new world of possibilities then opened. Now, he has a verifiable and trusted face to directly deal with Customers. The subsequent years for all Members at Emexrevolarter have been almost the same. Personal development is a top priority. The rapid changes and upgrades in technology is never a deterrent to Us at any given time. In fact, we hug it gladly. However, we do build on our in-house solutions such as designs and the base frameworks; and tactically shield them from external and undesirable changes that may break performance and security.
In other to deliver projects on time, and still retain high proficiency of Products and Services, we do lose sleep. We use the latest software for Graphics, Animations, and Software creation. When we say we use Pipeline, this is what we mean. Pipeline is a chain of applications that were chosen and placed in some certain order during development of a project; in such a way that they yield the best result. Each project defines the Pipeline we will use. If such Pipeline doesn’t exist yet, we create one.

The Team Members

Every Member of our Team is capable of standing alone. Their skills and influence were acknowledge even before joining the Team. This great Team was assembled by Emeka, who has an eye for highly skilled individuals. The search is still on, and the Team growing stronger too. We believe in networking with people. Together we can build innovations.
Meet the Team Members and what makes them so unique and invaluable at Emexrevolarter.