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web and desktop Applications now can be accessed on mobile devices on the go!All our web designs include RSS, Blog, and AdminJust place an order and you will be up in no timeWith over 70 Products in our StoreYour business is covered in every wayFree advice is also available to guide you on purchaseOur designs are responsive on all devicesOur Applications are world standardWe delight in creating secured appsGo ahead and enjoy this splendid platformWe got you covered 

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Web and Desktop Application
Hosting businesses in Nigeria has evolved over time. Nigerians really seek out for a company that can reliably deliver business solutions they can trust 24/7/365. Here is the good news: emexrevolarter range of products which were launched in 2016 offer even more.

We pride ourselves with world-class products that have been found to be irresistable to our Clients. They may appear simple to use, but their speed, accuracy, and security can never be undermind. May we introduce you to these great responsive products with the genre name: eWA-eDA series.

responsive designresponsive designresponsive design
Our online store hosts web and desktop applications created by emexrevolarter. None other can do this better. Nigerians now have no worries over who manages their applications with high standards.
emexrevolarter responsive apps
Fast, Robust, and Secured
Sleek and Responsive on any device
Be an Admin of your Website
https on all hosting Packages
Product Cover image for each Product in your Store with animated version.
Well integrated smooth animations
Well spread out SEO for rapid Web Ranking
World class Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, & PHP7
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What we included in our Responsive Website Templates

Simple and User friendly

Our web solutions are developed with well integrated user friendly environment. Website front-end comes with super simple website layout that welcomes all your website users.

Professional Design

Professional touch to all our designs means everything to us. You get the latest technology in web development integrated right into every website template. Our designs are unique and fitting for your business model.

Classy Functions

Websites powered by our web application solutions come classy. We deliver astonishing functions that will truly represent what you ever stand for. We are so concerned about your web presence in Nigeria and beyond. Hence, our web application solutions will always give you all you desire.

We create Responsive and Professional website templates for our Clients. Our Clients in Nigeria are very happy. These are some of our works.

Do you want a website as smart as this site? Call us today for a quick review of your online needs, and creation of responsive website templates to promote your business brand.

This website is proudly powered by eWA Static,which is a responsive website framework.

3 Basics of Website Framework Design

Simple and Fast Navigation

Navigation is a link that points you to the part of website where information is hosted. It is tasking and very frustrating to keep looking for something on a website over and over again, and never find it. Websites are qualified as good websites if they include visible navigations that are not difficult for the user to locate.

Websites can be termed super fast websites when those navigations help the users to quickly find information in a very easy way. On such websites, the users leave happy and will always return. Accessibility of your contents both to your users and Search Engines are of uter most importance.

Structure of Web Application

Structure is everything when it comes to appeal to your web app users. Structure has to do with the design of every web page on your website, which includes: the choice of colours; proportion of page elements; page load time; entire layout and balance; and uniformity of contents. The elements of a web page add up as a single bunch to the perception of your web users. You should beware of website design that thrives on multiple beautiful photos without any serious consideration to their effect on page load time.

When your web page loads at a very slow rate, you will lose both bandwidth and your website users. To keep your website professional, performance must be considered. In as much as you want your website users to love your website, do not sacrifice page performance on the alter of great aesthetics.

Feature Industry Standards

Websites that reflect latest web technology are classy in nature. The development of website framework and application in Nigeria has evolved over time. The most common standards you can include in your web project are HTML5 and CSS3. Both include great features you can explore to make your website very appealing to your web users. Also, the use of these standards will convince your web users that your website is updated in terms of technology as well as security.

Due to the evolution of mobile devices, responsive websites are the most compartible and easier to develop than the seperately hosted mobile sites. Frameworks do help to make the job of developing responsive websites a lot easier. Frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap are totally free, and do add great glamour and device compartibility to your website.

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Your use of this site shows you agree with our Terms Of Service, and Privacy Policy.
©2010-2016 emexrevolarter All Rights Reserved.
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