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  1. MOBILE FRIENDLY - All our designs are highly optimised with mobile-first policy. Your contents render perfectly on all mobile devices.
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - We bear nativity in all applications developed. Native in the sense that you use our apps just as a natural object. No ambiguity, we promise.
  3. UNIQUE STYLES - Best fitting is giving to your needs with great blending of the app mark-up. You just stand out from all other existing platforms. This is sure good for business.

Development Timeline

We ensure you ain't in the dark throughout the development process.

First Contact

Information Gathering

A meeting is scheduled either physically or electronically. We prefer the former. This is the most important stage, as the project is formed here. We wil gather every data needed to setup your desired web application.

First Sketch


We take the gathered data and assemble a mockup. A mockup is actually a prototype design of your website. This is a static phase of UI design. Using mockups make development period easy, since presentation of how the site will look like is made possible, even without any functionality.

Further Sketches

Mockup Revisions

Extra expenses may be incurred by you if revisions are made after the design. But with mockups, multiple revisions can be done with no financial implication on you.


Technologies needed

We will help you decide what technologies should be implemented. At this stage, the choices of nature of content deployment (static or dynamic); inclusion of a CMS (Content Management System); and any other desired functionality. A final mockup is created, and once approved by you, the next stage is initiated.


Site Creation

Your choices are put together as you approved in the previous stages; and we begin to work on the to produce an exact representation of what you ordered for. Feedbacks are relayed to you during this period. This is the stage where we determine the look and feel of your site.


Your Site is Live!

The finished site is hosted online, and further testing is conducted. Any errors and bugs are also fixed.

emexrevolarter product - eWA STIS 2.0

STIS 2.0

STIS is Student-Teacher Interactive System.
Learning materials are shared among the students in a controlled manner. Each Student registers, and then login, inorder to assess the uploaded lesson content by the teacher.

STIS has a very simple to use GUI, and designed to run on local network (either Earthernet or WiFi).

Much improvement in the enthusiasm of students to learn, have been recorded in the school where STIS was launched 2017. Presently, the school have adopted STIS as one of their learning modules. 

eWA 3.0

This site is proudly powered by eWA 3.0 (Cart type). Although the full power of the App isn't utilized here, eWA 3.0 is known for its ability to integrate any backend script with a simple html page.

emexrevolarter product - eWA STIS 2.0

Our location: Lagos, Nigeria.

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